April 17, 2003

waah dah lama juga nggak nge blog. abisnya lagi sibuk pindahan siih *pindahan hosting aja, pindahan rumah beneran sih bulan depan..=)*, reorganizing my files and folder, too many unused files taking up the hosting space. btw..just wanna drop a quick thank you note to wisnu and arum who have helped me setting up the new address for this blog. *yay*, now my blog has a new house. i am currently working on my other sites, there 2 of them..so that explains why i don't blog that often these days, plus final week is approaching.....oh no...

evanescence cd has been spinning on my cd player over and over again and i love every single tracks on the album. love amy lee's soothing voice, this band is really one of a kind and definitely worth my 10 bucks!! i don't usually buy cd, only god knows when i bought the last cd before this one, i bought this because i knew this one was going to be good, but i didn't know it was THAT good...

so..what evanescence song are you?...i am the taking over me. click here to take the quiz.

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