Lomo, Lomo, Lomo

April 25, 2003

so what the hell is a lomo?? maybe some of you are wondering…hmm..i say it’s an artsy russian camera that has a special lens that make the photos super saturated..jadi warnanya ngejreng ngejreng gitu. maybe this site and this can give you a clear idea of what it is. it's not a digital camera though, in fact it’s a very old skool camera, bener2 vintage banget, we have to wind the thing after we press the shoot button dan kalo filmnya abis, it doesn't automatically rewind the film, we have to press the lil button and turn the rewinding lever clockwise sampe twenty or even thirty times...

anyway, what fascinate me the most beside what it does is actually the brand, the philosophy that built around the camera and how it becomes such a phenomenon. they have succeeded in formulating strong brand identity without doing a single above the line advertising..*remind me of the book that i've been wanting to read, the fall of advertising and the rise of PR* hmm..sebenernya, i’m not really sure about it juga sih, but i flipped through photography magazine regularly dan nggak pernah ngeliat iklannya, di tv or internet juga nggak ada and i've never heard anyone ever seen one either. but yet a lot of people are buying the camera and driving up the demands. the business is going up by pure word of mouth advertising and viral marketing…

this camera is still made by hand in its old factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. harga dari factorynya sih nggak mahal2 banget..about $30 but the lomographic society (the sole distributor for LOMO in the states) overpriced it to $180 a camera. makanya, banyak yang sebel sama lomographic society ini..cause they turn the camera into a fashion accessory. but then again that's how business works, don’t you think? that's how the capitalism and how our world works…! i know it sucks but if you have a chance to sell something at a very high price and people still buying it...aren't you gonna take that chance?...heck i wanna be rich so i'll go for that. some people are really really anti capitalism that they would go as far as stealing the products and act like it's their right since the products should've been made available at no cost for them in the first place. i think that's just so wrong.

but anyway... i won't be bitching about capitalism here cause nothing will change that unless we all come up with some damn good idea and change the whole system… in the meantime, i’m just gonna enjoy my awesome new toy and brush up my lomo skills…teehee….

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