The Salukis Show

April 11, 2003

college basketball season is over…bt, especially that the next season won’t start in another 8 months. Hey but at least lakers make it to the there are still plenty of games to watch. Anyhooo…I thought this final four was going to be where all of the number one seeded fight to get to the championship game, everyone was looking forward for the Kentucky and Arizona match up, padahal udah pada protest ke ncaa committee nya karena they put those two teams in a position where they would meet on final four, instead of the championship game. Tapi ternyata the match up never happened, not this season at least.

I thought texas was going to be the first number one seeded to go down, turned out they were the last one that still ALIVE up until final four. Kenapa yaa kok yang nomer satu itu pada kalah semua, they didn't get to the number one position for nothing, but yet they choked. I guess it’s true the saying that says it’s hard to be number one. It’s hard to get to the top and once you get to the top, it’s even harder to maintain it.You have the extra burdens in your shoulder, especially when the media is overexposing you and the whole world is expecting you to be unbeatable. Anywaaay…I think the most heart breaking game this season was when Gonzaga wore Arizona down to the last seconds of the double overtime. That was a heck of a game, and gonzaga showed that they are the real deal.

I finally watched the salukis show on mtv the other day. It was a good show, it focus mainly on the seniors, kent Williams and jermaine dearman and the redshirted guys…tony and ryan. The show captures almost everything, like the practices, the lockers’ briefing before and after the game, the celebration, the road trip, etc. It’s also show how the players go about their daily life, how they are in class, at home and the camera even following dearman around when he was doing his laundry in a laundromat. I just have one complain about the show, mtv makes Carbondale looks like a tiny hick town, hihi. It’s an old lil town but it’s not that bad, at least it’s not that bad as it's portrayed on mtv. They could shoot something fancier or attractive than the water tower with Carbondale printed on it, or the rusty railway and the cornfields. Carbondale is really not that bad when you know what’s around…! So overall, the show was good…but maybe kent Williams has some explaining to do to his girlfriend when he was caught dancing and grinding with some girls when they went to the bar celebrating the win over Wichita state..teehee.

I found an article in written by dan wetzel that I thought is really good in explaining what this hype of college basketball is all about down to the very detail. it's written in 2002 before last year tourney started, but it still worth to read and just excites me somehow.

"The beauty in NCAA tournament is that everyone in the country is unified. This is when fans will cheer for Gonzaga, even if no one can pronounce it. This is when two old ladies on the bus will debate the spelling of Krzyzewski. This is when everyone has someone to root for. For their school, their state, their alma mater. For the team with the hunk head coach. For the school with the hottest dance team. For the Salukis.. because, whatever the heck a Saluki is, it sounds cool...=) "

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