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April 08, 2003

yasa, gue emang nggak nyebut nyebut tentang pemerintah irak di postingan kemaren, but it doesn't mean i am on their side. FYI, i'm not pro saddam regime, i'm just an anti war and anti aggression.

You've been following the war ever since the beginning right? how many statements have you heard or read that come from the iraqi government?? Maybe i'm not that well informed, but as far as i can remember, there are not that many news, especially the kind that make you raise your eyebrows. Dan siapa aja sih pemerintah irak yang suka seliweran di tv untuk ngasih press conference and all that?...kebanyakan juga udah ke bomb semua kali sekarang. Paling paling yang ada komen dari As-Sahhaf, dan itu cuma "we will fight, we will kill the american soldiers, bla bla bla" and there’s nothing to comment/question about that.

dan terakhir2 cuma komennya dia yang bilang kalo iraqi had killed hundreds of american troops, exactly what i posted in my previous entry when i read the same news from, and i did question that and looked around from other sources. Trus paling ada lagi komennya dia yang bilang kalo airport yang di kuasai koalisi itu airport lama, yang udah nggak di pake dari tahun 91..and of course, I also questioned that and look for more information. I found an online encyclopedia yang emang bilang kalo airport itu udah lama nggak di pake, iraq masih ada satu airport lagi di Baghdad (Al Muthana airport)… and you can go to your nearest travel agent to check about that Al Muthana airport.

Yes, i do think america will pay for this sooner or later, they will pay for every drop of the iraqi civilians blood. Simple nya gini aja deh, somebody kill your family for a cause that no one should be asked to die for, you’ll get angry and seek for revenge!!! ..but I’m not saying that I will support terrorist group to slam a plane into an empire state building. It’s not like that. But the cost comes at any price. Bisa aja amerika ngebayar dengan tambah merosotnya ekonomi mereka, unemployment rate getting higher and higher, keilangan kepercayaan dari seluruh dunia. Amerika superpower status is at stake right now, one day they will wake up to the fact of how startlingly isolated they are in the world.…inconsistent??..dude, if I live here at the government expenses then you can say I am inconsistent, udah di kasih makan sama pemerintahnya kok masih ngejelek ngejelekin aja. But I’m living on my own expenses here, I buy my own food with my own money and I pay my own bills. So I don’t see there’s an inconsistency here…it’s a win win solution between me and the USofA, I paid my tuition and I get education from them. Lagian, apa yang gue nggak suka dari amerika itu nggak ada hubungannya with the purpose of me being here kok. Kecuali kalo gue complain bahwa education systemnya sucks, proffessornya nggak ada yang beres…baru deh, ngapain sekolah disini kalo complain tentang itu semua?.......

we all can have an endless discussion about this and will never get to the same point and i'm not asking anyone in here to convert to what i think it's right. now I know that it’s never a good idea to talk about this in here, now I smell hatred in my lovely blog..*sigh*.

anyway, that’s all I got to say, I have to go back to study for my midterm, anyone is free to comment on this... but if you don’t see my response right away….it doesn't mean i don't want to comment, i just don't have the time yet..(an anonymous actually emailed me and asked why it takes me so long to reply all of the comments that were posted yesterday, *LOL* i didn't know that there is someone who is so eager to read my reponse...for whoever you are who emailed me, just stay calm..take a chill pill or something, the shoutbox is there for me to reply in my convenience, not whenever you expect to read my response..)


dendre’s grandma just passed away yesterday, dan langsung di bawa ke yogya dan di kubur disana. but we’re all fine dan rela kalau beliau pergi. karena memang mungkin it’s time for her to go, udah sakit sakitan dan cuma bisa tergeletak di tempat tidur aja...tapi tetep aja semuanya sedih....i know this is not the greatest eulogy ever...but i just have to say it.selamat jalan oma…my prayers are with you..and…may you rest in peace.

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