August 07, 2002

Just got back from work, it was a busy day at the store, just like usual. When I left at 3, the transaction has reached $38 thousands, which is good considering we still have another 6.5 hours to go. The amount might be doubled when the store closed tonight. I had popeyes chicken for lunch today, *If I were to choose one meal for the rest of my life, I’ll go with their spicy chicken…nyam2*. Anyway, I ordered one thigh but then they gave an extra one for me since I had to wait for a few minutes, how nice.

There was a lightning hit this area last night , I felt like it was right at the top of my roof and guess what happened after that???…it messes up everything. The TV went weird, it has this annoying purple glow on the screen, especially when I just turned it on. The DVD is dead was on when the lightning stroke in so for some reason it couldn’t turned back on. The Digital Cable is fucked up too, it won’t turn on somehow. The home phone line is also in damage, can't make outgoing calls, it rings when there's incoming call tapi pas diangkat nggak ada suaranya. Arrggh, it is so chaotic. Sampe cable modemnya pun ikut ikutan error, it runs well actually, computernya juga fine fine aja tapi nggak tau kenapa it can’t be connected to the internet. Thank god I still have my old presario and it works when nduti tried to hook it up. I’m using it right now, sitting on the floor cause I don’t have a computer desk for this… so uncomfortable. Plus the computer is pretty dusty, it had been stranded in the storage for a while, I think I’m gonna clean it up real quick.

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