Random questions

August 13, 2002

Here's some random questions i found at slesta's blog..got nothing better to do. So here it is...

what is your daily facial/skin care routine? A simple wash with Biore would do me good

make-up brand you've been most satisfied with? I have different brand preferences for different products, so it’s gonna be a long endless list!

describe your favorite vacation ever: it’s been a while since I’ve gone on vacation, but I think this upcoming winter break will be my favorite vacation ever..=)

dream vacation destination: Milano

place you have no desire to ever visit: Alaska

leno or letterman? Jay Leno

conan or kilborn? Conan

favorite mtv show (ha, remember when they actually played music videos?): MTV Cribs, True Life

tv show marathon you're likely to tune in for: Sex and the city

movie you're most looking forward to this summer: ?????

movie that looks like the worst thing ever: Planet of the Apes

book you're reading at the moment: The Alchemist

last magazine you read: Promo magazine

last item you splurged on: It’s nice to be able to splurge but this girl needs to pay rent!!

last thing you listened to in your car (or the last car you were in): Grindin by Clipse

sexiest musician: Enrique Iglesias

musical guilty pleasure: Britney Spears, Nsync

concerts you've seen this summer: Moby and Paul Oakenfold

did you ever go to sleep-away camp?how long? what was it like? When I was in high school. TA = Tafakur alam, kaya pesantren kilat gitu deh. TO=Trip Observation , a trip *3 or 4 nights* to this remote village.. It was fun..

age of the youngest person you'd ever consider dating: same age

age of the oldest person you'd ever consider dating: one or prolly 2 years older

if you could survive on only four food items, what would they be? Nasi goreng, spicy thigh from popeyes, my mom cooks *anything*, chicken satay

favorite type of salad: Fruit salad

favorite fruit: Mango

describe one of the best meals you've ever had: Any meals I eat whenever I starve to death would be my best meals

favorite fashion designer: The designer team at forever 21!

do you have a uniform for work? if so, what is it? if not, what is a typical work outfit? Red or blue tiny tee with old navy crew printed on the back

do you exercise? what is your workout routine? Almost every single day. 20 minutes on the cross trainer or treadmill, do hundreds of crunches/sit up after that, do some arm curls, incline/tricep press, etc2

pajamas you wore most recently: Shorts & tank top

last person you e-mailed: Sarah Nandor, this Associate Director of International recruitment at Maryville university

last person who e-mailed you: Jeanie from Natrabu

last person who called your cell phone: Ben

last person who made you laugh: Nduti

say goodbye in a foreign language: bubbye!

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