August 17, 2002

I saw the commercial of this thing called revostyler on TV a while ago and of course I was stunned with its miraculous work of transforming your hair dari yang super duper frizzy to straight, smooth and shiny hair. I was attempted to get one for me cause my hair and I don’t get along together so it seemed to be the perfect solution. But then again setelah di pikir pikir lagi, namanya juga iklan, paling nggak ngaruh juga like all other hair products I’ve tried before..*pasrah*. And then...I talked to cherie the other day, lagi ngomongin soal rambut and then she mentioned about this revostyler thing. Ternyata dia juga baru liat but unlike me yang pikir pikir lagi..dia langsung beli aja gitu and she likes it a lot!. and since it’s buy one get one free so she has an extra one that she doesn’t use and she gave it to me…*makasih yaaa cherie sayaang*!!! can tell that I was jumping for joy, can’t you?..*grin*. I finally got it the other day but I haven’t use it properly, I’m gonna use this magical brush after this and see if it’s able to transform my hair as if I just stepped out of a hair salon. Kalo nggak berhasil yah, emang rambut gue aja yang nggak beres. Btw, go to if you want to learn about this product.

So...have a FUN weekend y'all, i am usually excited when the weekends approach but not this time since i have to work all day tomorrow and might have to work tonight ..=(

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