Weekend rundown

August 13, 2002

It’s another Monday, time does flies in high speed and that’s a good thing. Anyway, today is my day off..payah deh old navy, they messed up the schedule. We’re way overstaffed, there are about 95 employees in one freaking store. Makanya nggak heran kalo gue liat schedule nya orang orang..makin lama pasti makin dikit working hoursnya. In fact there are about a bunch of them that are unscheduled for this week, ada yang cuma kerja for 7 or 6 hours, crazy eh??.

Union planters bank called and asked me to come down for another interview this wednesday. So this is gonna be my third interview with them, and since I don’t have to work this Wednesday I said OK.

I was planning to go to the gym this morning, tapi males gitu..laper, so I decided to eat first and go to the gym after that..ehh abis makan kok malah tambah males?..*bingung*. Maybe I’ll go tonight. Anyway, here’s a rundown of how my weekend went...

Friday: Biasa lah, weekend di awali dengan makan. Tapi seperti biasa juga kebingungan mo makan dimana.

“laper nggak.? Makan yuk?”

”yuk..mo makan dimana?"

”dimana yaa… enaknya dimana kira2?”.

”tau deh gue sih ngikut aja..”

”apa dong yaa enaknya?”

yah kaya gitu gitu aja terus dan padahal sih end up nya juga makan disitu lagi di situ lagi. Got home around 10.30, langsung did the make up and got my hair professionally done by Dina, huehe and started the photo session right after. Foto buat apa ayoo?

Sabtu: Went to the mall in the afternoon. I was supposed to work to perform closing from 9 to 11 and I was scheduled on call from 5. They usually don’t take on calls but they suddenly asked me to come down at 5..riiiiiggghtt, just when I hoped they didn’t take my on calls. Jadi dengan sangat terpaksa I went to work from 5 to 11.

Minggu: Went back to the mall, went to galleria as well..got a few items from mac and that’s about it! So that’s how my weekend went, nothing special. How about you??

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