Trapping in the credit cards world

August 26, 2002

Jadi Old Navy itu kan ada credit cardnya yah.., and as an employee there..we have to ask as many customers as we possibly can to apply for the credit card cause then they would shop more if they have our credit card ..meaning more profits to the company. Well…I personally don't like the idea of asking people to apply for the credit cards for a few reasons. First of all..I don't like credit cards, true I have 2 in my wallet but now I’m in the process of paying off all my debts, so no more transaction with credit cards for me, if I don't have money in my bank account then I won't buy’s as simple as that. For me, the decision to open up a new credit card is a HUGE decision, I have to think about it over and over again before I finally decide to apply. So if there were a sales associate asked me to open an account, I would say HELL NO without any doubt. I know Americans live with their credit cards *one of my friends own 24 credit cards!!* And I know that most of them have a pretty fucked up credit history, so I don't feel good about asking them to apply yet another credit card which will only hurt them in the long run. And since most of them don't have decent credit history.. chances are..they will get rejected and that's the very main reason why I don't like that program is because if they get rejected it would screwed their credit history even more cause it's gonna add to their records and it can never be erased and they’d blame me for that!!!. Makanya I have never asked my customer to fill out the application since the first day I worked there

Last Thursday, I was looking at the print outs in the backroom and I noticed that most employees have opened at least a few accounts and some actually got more than 30 so far..and sadly I’m one of the few that haven’t gotten even a single one. And unfortunately, our performance at work is also evaluated by how many applications we can get. I'm usually pretty competitive but since it's something that i'm unwilling to do, jadi yah the hell with that. But then I’m also afraid that they’re gonna put me on the shit list..*hihi* Yaah abis gimana doong…I don’t want to do it simply just to please my manager or just to make me look good cause I’d feel bad inside anyway. Tapi akhirnya setelah mikir mikir I decided to give it a shot and see what happens…..

So that's what I did, I got 7 applications on that day *see, I could be a good sales person if I wanted to*. I asked the first customer I saw to open a credit card and I explained it to her all of the advantages of having one and she was interested and I processed her application and it went thru...her credit limit was $600. And then, there was another customer and her application went thru as well and then..I offered the credit card to this middle aged man who was taking his little daughter shopping. I could tell that he was interested after I was done explaining the advantages but then he said that he has a pretty messed up credit history cause he got divorced a while ago and he hasn't gotten a chance to take care of his mortgage, his car loans and everything. *kasian yaa?* . Then I said that it's not that hard to get a credit card here since the application is pretty simple and I haven't heard anyone got rejected *which is true*.. ANd then he looked even more interested and asked me what he needed to get one. I said I just need him to fill out the application form and show me his driver license and a major credit card. So he rummaged through his wallet and his pocket to find his driver license but then he realized that he left it in the car. He said he’d be back dan keluar lah dia jauh jauh panas terik ke parkiran buat ngambil driver license nya dan lari terburu2 so I can process it right away and guess what happened?? Yupe, he got rejected. You should see his disappointed look and I felt awful right then and there…! See, this is exactly what I don’t want to happen, I hate to let people down and I refuse to be the one who ruins their day…*sigh* !! I’m sure he doesn’t need another reminder of how debt full he is..=( .When I told my manager about it, he only said..”ah that’s okay, you tried to help him save some money anyway*..huh dasar yaa, nggak berperasaan..yang di pikirin cuma profit profit profit!!!

Anyway, speaking about credit card reminds me of what my dad said about the way Americans live their life. Dia bilang..orang Amerika tuh hidupnya di abisin waktu mereka masih muda. They can get anything they want in their youth by using credit cards and other easy access that defines United States. Contohnya ya kalo mau beli mobil gampang..karena mereka bisa loan mobil yang nanti tiap bulannya tinggal di bayar pake credit card aja. Lagian banyak dealer2 yang ngasih2 promosi gitu *Zero Down, Zero Interest and Zero Payment for the first year*. Trus kan kebanyakan once they graduated from high school, mereka langsung tinggal sendiri, di apt sendiri. Trus juga mo ngelakuin apa apa tuh gampang banget..*again, thanks to the credit cards*, mo vacation kemana aja bisa, mo get a boob job bisa, mau shopping yang mahal mahal juga bisa. Jadi mereka semuanya di abisin waktu masih muda deh, nanti tuanya baru stress mikirin utang utang dimana mana. Beda banget kan sama orang Indonesia yang hidupnya penuh process, and that’s the beauty of it. Americans take the easy way by taking elevator to the top while we take the stairs step by step. Kalo kita kan semua ada process nya, sekolah/kuliah ya naek bis, kalo pun udah kerja juga blom seberapa gajinya, enggak bisa langsung nyicil mobil, bener bener yang harus nabung sedikit sedikit until we get enough money buat nyicil mobil yang murah meriah, trus kalo mo tinggal sendiri pun harus ngontrak di rumah yang RSS kinda place..beli beli home furniture nya juga di cicil, bulan ini bisa untuk beli TV, bulan depannya baru beli meja makan, etc. Everything has to be earned back home,..but that’s okay cause when we finally get what we want, we would be really appreciate it and grateful about it cause we’ve learned how hard it is for us to reach that stage with our own sweat. Dan yang paling penting lagi…we would be happier when we get older cause we don’t owe anything dan bisa menikmati hidup and when we looked back, we could actually see kalo kehidupan kita itu lama lama meningkat seiring dengan berjalannya waktu. Sooo….the moral from this entry ini adalah *cie cie cieee..hihi*…if you don’t have anything you want by now..just hang in there, you’ll eventually get in when the right time comes along.

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