chicago was super fun

September 30, 2006

berangkat subuh subuh - stopped by McD for breakfast - Konjen - Fedex Kinkos - Dunkin Donut - Navy Pier - Architectural Boat Race along the lake Michigan and the River Side - Crispy Penang Noodle at Water Tower - MNG by Mango - Michigan Avenue - H&M - Club Monaco - Kenneth Cole - The Renaissance - China town - Penang - Joyce (sp?) bubble tea - Chinese Bakery - Lake Shore Drive - Crown Fountain - Millennium Park - Nordstrom Rack - Starbucks w/ happy ...let's do it again guys..heheh..=). i especially enjoyed all the talks in the car, non stop 4 hours talking, full of haha hihi and interesting topics, mr raya and miss lulu is indeed a great companion. hopefully we can pay them a visit next year in dallas.

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  1. nah.. pengen balik lagi juga, blon ke millennium park, heheheh

  2. I had so much fun too..