calling the basketball god

February 09, 2006

seminggu kemaren ini nggak sempet posting, sebenernya sih bukan nggak sempet, tapi nggak ada hasrat buat posting..hehe..gara garanya apalagi kalo bukan mikirin basket..:P..that's all i think about day in day out. last week was not a good week for the salukis. we lost against indiana state, a team that we should've defeated easily and to make it worse, the game was in carbondale!!! oh man, that was the first conference lost for the last 4 didn't taste good of course!!..i guess the team just kind of overlooked indiana state since they had quite a few big game coming up afterwards. We played wichita state on saturday and we lost again..uh oh..suddenly things are not looking good for the salukis..the lost itself against wichita wasn't too bad since they are a very good team and we took them to two overtimes on their homecourt. plus they were kinda cheating too..( actually it was just my speculation), soalnya suddenly the shot clock was broken so the game was postponed while the maintenance guys fixed the happened at the last 3 minutes when we had the lead and miller (their top scorer) looked tired and had a sloppy he got his much needed rest and came back and killed us..boohoooo....:p.

anyway..we had another game last night at home against the bears (missouri state university), the game was not on tv so i logged in to saluki chatrooms to get updates and stuff. it was in important game for us, we needed to win to give the players the confidence they need for the next few games and the tournament, we also need it to start another winning streak. jamal tatum didn't play last night due to flu or something so with our top scorer out it was pretty stressing to think about it!!..but surprise surprise..we played good, the scoring percentage was more than 50% and we played better offense.. had a lot of help from the bench and falker had his fourth straight double double..his last dunk was actually the winning shot since we were down by one 8 seconds left into the end. that was sweeett..nice to have this past us..we're done bear hunting and now it's bird hunting time..hehe..praying for a win on saturday against creighton..

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