Rivalry No More .....

February 12, 2006

Okay, another useless Basketball related post but hey ... March Madness is just a couple weeks away and being a hardcore College Basketball fan and a Saluki Fan to be specific, I can't help not to post about it

Today was a huge rivalry game against CU at their place. I remember back in my college days when students had to wait and camp out 2 straight days before the ticket office was opened. Ticket was a luxury at that time. I ended up buying it from a scalper I met over at the ESPN.com message board. $80 for 2 student tickets that were handed out for Free. But believe me, it was money well spent.

Anyways, a Sold Out Crowd at the Qwest Center today, and the biggest crowd to ever watch Basketball game in the State of Nebraska. Fans were hyped up. Here's a funny post I found on Creighton board yesterday:

JayBall Wrote :

For those that don't remember.
For those who have blocked it from their memory.
For those who don't know.

This is the SIU

They have beaten us FIVE straight times. FIVE.

Fans have worn Tshirts saying "We H8 Cr8ton" and "Kuck Forver".
They chant We hate creighton, Korver swallows. A few drunken fans verbally berated Korvers parents at a game in Carbondale. Their fans in general have been the nastiest in the Valley. Most Cu fans have at least one story about encounters with SIU fans in St Louis. They spit on people. They curse in front of children in public. They hate animals and old people. They shop at Wal-Mart and don't feel bad. They burn the American flag at parties. They have beaten us five straight times. They are cocky. They play hand check defense and act surprised whenever a foul is called. They didn't cry at the movie "Old Yeller". They burn books. They were ranked the fourth fattest campus in the coutnry by Men's Fitness magazine. They chew with their mouths open. The have beaten us FIVE straight times.

If you have ever wanted to attend a game. Do it tomorrow. If you have ever get really nasty and let it all hang out. Do it tomorrow. If you have ever thought about coming early and heckling the other team. Do it tomorrow. If you are angry, frustrated, unhappy, or just plain mean at heart and need to release somethings. Do it tomorrow. The Salukis are fat. They are crass. They are arrogant. They hate you. And they hate America.

Make sure they hear you tomorrow.

Nice try JayBall. 6 in a row and 16 home winning streak snapped. We still own Creighton. See ya in STL!

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