how was your valentine's day?

February 15, 2006

we didn't plan to do anything in regards to valentine's day, we've never been the ones to celebrate valentine's anyway...besides the salukis was scheduled to play against bradley and it was aired on fox. so a date in front of the tv was fixed..:D. and a win last night was all i asked!!..but too bad we sucked azz last night..i don't understand why this team could be so good one day and so bad the next day. the conference has 4 teams tied for the first position until last night, they were northern iowa, siu (salukis), creighton and wichita (also known as bitchita..:p). all of them played yesterday, northern iowa got beat by indiana state and bitchita won in overtime against creighton so that meant only bitchita and siu left in the first position and of course one would think it got the salukis fired up to play against bradley in order to keep the drive for five alive (we've been the conference leader in the last 4 years)..but turned out they played uninspired and looked so lost most of the time, our offense didn't work, only falker showed up and our defense was not as good..bradley was awesome last night, they brought their A game and they killed us up and down the court. i know bradley is a talented team and they are a badass at home, their only loss at home is to bitchita state and that is why bitchita has the sole possesion of the conference title right now...but it's not the loss that bothers me it's the azz whipping that makes me mad..=(.

so the hope for the conference title is pretty much gone, unless drake beats bitchita in the next game and we win our next 2 games then we can get at least a share of the title. crossing fingers!!

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