what the hell happened with my salukis??

February 23, 2006

it seems that the team has regressed in the last 10 days..they peaked at creighton and then they have been going down hill afterwards. we went to carbondale last saturday to watch the bracket buster game, we expected the salukis to win of course..afterall louisiana tech is just an average team in a conference that's rated lower than ours, plus it was nationally televised and there were more than 9000 rowdy fans cheering and screaming..the elements were there to help them hyped up for the game..well the first ten minutes was exciting, everything seemed to turn our way and we were able to built a huge lead as a start, i thought it would be an easy win...but then all of a sudden we trailed by one at half time..and it continued for the rest of the game!!!..man it was a looong ride home for us..heheh!!..

Anyway ya sudah lah mau gimana lagi, i was sure the team is gonna bounce back and win the next two games. The following game was against evansville last night, the bottom feeder of the conference, the team that we beat by 30 last month!!..you think we would have an easy game, wouldn't you?..huhu think again!!..cause we were the one who walked home with our tails between our legs. Maaan this sucks!!..what has happened with the team? why is everyone looks afraid to shoot the damn ball, the offense is not working, we don't know how to break a zone defense and we foul too much huhu..is it fatigue? Maybe the short bench has finally taken a toll on them, i know they must be tired but the season is not over yet so they can't just sleepwalk throughout the game. they have the skills needed to come out with the win, it's just they haven't been playing up to their capabilities. keep on fighting dawgs, shake off the loss and WIN OUT!!!

the last game of the conference is this saturday against northern iowa, who is in the same situation like us, struggling..so it would be interesting to watch this two former powerhouses beating each other, fighting for the number 2 seed for the tournament (assuming da bears beat creighton). there's no more tickets for that game, it's sold out since last week but we have secured tickets for us...but now i don't know if i want to go or not, part of me want to cheer for my dawgs, but part of me don't think i could handle to watch every agonizing second of it if they play like they have been playing in the last 3 games..huhu.. But if i don't go on saturday I still cheer for them in front of my TV and I will wear my salukis t-shirt come tournament time on friday next week to savvis center and cheer them on to VICTORY!!!

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