Hello 2023 :)

January 02, 2023


Last time I wrote here was January last year? Hopefully it doesn’t have to take another year for a new post ya. To get things going, I wanna start with the most basic thing people do during New Year, to write down my New Year resolution which happens to be…basic too :D

1. To write more!

Hence, this blog post. I love writing, I enjoy putting my thoughts into writing. Like the title of this blog, it’s always good to take a moment to pause, to reflect, to capture the importance lessons we’ve learned along the way. As we get older, our memories fade easily..so I need to write down the details so I can go back and remember whatever it is I wrote. There are many times when I felt like writing something, but then I never got around to do it and I left me feeling discontent. Even though I do plan to write in here, I will also write on my note app for things that are more personal. I’m reading a book titled The Child in You and it has a lot of exercises about a few moments in our childhood to see how it affects us as adults. I think I will start with those exercises in my note app.

2. To exercise more and eat healthier food!

I exercise 2-3 times a week on a regular basis, but I guess it’s not enough? Or not consistent enough? Because there will be weeks where I can totally forget about it like during FD x Beauty and other hectic months. I want to be able to exercise 4-5 a week, mostly for strength training and once a week pilates and running. I exercise of course to be healthier, to have more muscle and energy and..I’m not gonna lie, to look leaner. I need to eat healthier too and adjust my body composition because my fat percentage is still so high. I lost 3-4 kgs for the past month (thank GOD) but still have more to go!

3. To be more mindful!

It’s getting harder to concentrate because the pace gets faster and we have a lot of things going on. Many times, my mind is not at the task I’m facing, and often wondering about other things during meeting and even checking other messages or doing other things. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to a conversation without having the urge to check my phone. And there are times in the shower where I forget whether I havewashed my body with soap or not. It’s that bad. So here are the things I need to do to help me be more mindful. 

- Meditation: I have done this whenever I felt like I needed but never made it an everyday habit. So let’s start tomorrow!

- Less clutter: I thought I would be done with clutter once I moved house? But nope they are still here, in every corner of my house. I’ll give myself a month to declutter so we can start February with a much cleaner house!

- Getting more out of nature: The ideal way is to connect with nature, walking outdoor around the park, trekking on a weekend, visiting waterfall, sunseting at the beach..but of course that would be unattainable. So maybe car free day counts? It relates to my #2 resolution as well and the next resolution I’m going to write. Oh I can also buy more fresh flowers regularly. This actually makes me happy. I love flowers, it just makes me happy and I find it theurapeutic to arrange them in the vases, trim them and change the water everyday. It makes the house prettier…and I can use it for my Tiktok content as well. 

- Setting up my monthly overview with things I need to accomplish that month and sticking with my to do list, crossing them off everyday and not leaving things for the next day. I need to manage my time better. I have Giska now, it’s only been 3 weeks but woww she has made my days so much easier. I can see how I can be more productive this year. 

- Writing: Going back to goal #1, writing is a mindful activity. I feel like I connect with myself more when I write. At the very least, I can write 3 things I’m grateful for everyday. 

4. To travel more

Where did I go last year? Singapore twice, US (Indiana & NY), Surabaya, Medan for FD x Beauty and FD Studio,  Solo for Kadin, Yogya for Aan’s wedding. I went for a day trip to Bandung but of course that doesn’t count. For this year, I want to go to a country I’ve never been, I want to see more nature and do things I’ve never done. This is on my wishlist:

- Korea. I mean I work in beauty and never been to Seoul? 

- KL. I want to take my mom and Ibu there as we have family members. I also want to visit my friends..Vivy & Fadza, Azlin, Azeline and family (yep similar name but different people) and Dinar.

- Perth. I’ve been meaning to come back and walking down memory lane, but none of the family members seem interested? Perth is a nice city to visit especially mid-year because it’s breezy there and it’s only a short flight away. 

- Bali. Somewhere close to nature for some healing moments :D

- Japan? I wanna try ski and they seem to have many friendly options for beginners. Or maybe Vietnam and Halong Bay? 

- The list could go on and on. So many places I want to see, so little time and not enough money to do it all :D

5. To be on top of my game financially.

-  I have our financial plan, investment and everything..but life gets in the way that I don’t evaluate it on a regular basis. I mean it’s hard to consistently log in to all the apps and check what’s going on so sometimes I missed an opportunity because of it. This is one of the areas that give me anxiety the most so I need to be more discipline with plan and track it frequently.

I guess there are more but it’s getting late so I need to post it asap before I leave them sitting in the draft.

Here’s to a better year for all of us!


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