Hello Again Ramadhan :)

May 07, 2019

Today is the second day of Ramadhan and my heart burst with gratefulness. I feel like writing all my blessings here just to remind me when things don't go my way.

Mount Fuji - March 2019

  • Looking back to Ramadhan last year, it actually didn't start off great. The office is always closed in the first day of Ramadhan as we are all working from home to be with the family. But I still had a meeting with a Venture Capital that morning so I still went to the office for a little bit. I remember when I was getting ready, Oki told me a news I didn't expected. I guess I was shocked but trying to brush it off because I was in a hurry while telling my self that it's something we didn't have to worry about. So I had my meeting, and after that stream of thoughts about the news I heard in the morning were popping up in my head and it was gut wrenching. I decided to stop by Hero supermarket first to get a few stuff before I went home. In the supermarket,  I could feel the acid in my stomach trying to make its way to my throat but I calmed myself down thinking I was gonna be ok. And when I got to the cash register, guess what..I threw up! I threw when the cashier was scanning my stuff and I just grabbed the plastic bag in the cashier, continue throwing up and ran upstairs to the toilet. It was bad. I felt so weak mentally and physically and sad that I had failed the first day of fasting. The first day of the holy month where I should be all positive and strengthen my faith was actually one of the worst days in my entrepreneurship journey. The rest of the month wasn't as smooth as I would like them to be. My gerd was acting up and I didn't enjoy fasting because my stomach always felt gassy, I felt bloated and I burped a lot. But while it didn't start of great, last Ramadhan proof to give me hope. I could see a rainbow within reach, but things were taking their time to get me to the end of the rainbow.

  • But anyway, here I am a year later, much happier, healthier physically and mentally and in a better state in almost all aspects of life, personally and professionally. A lot of things that called for celebration for the past year. And specifically this Ramadhan,  there was no bad news on the first day unlike last year..I didn't get migraine nor stomach acid, my big meeting went well (you see, even though we make a policy to work from home on the first day of Ramadhan I always ended up having a meeting anyway :D) and I even had a chance to go to a few kitchenware & decoration store around Kemang. I got to break the fast with the family and met my nephews & niece, I made juice, carrot muffin and saikoro steak and enjoyed a few of Tahu Kriuk Yess #bless. We also prayed together and  I did my taraweh at home. Oh and I bought Sate Senayan for Mas Dwi, Ferry & Pak Arfan break-fasting in the office. My grandma also called to thank me for the box of grocery stuff I sent her the night before, which I also got for my two aunts. Just doing and sharing little things like that make me feel so happy that it put a huge smile on my face. I cannot wait to do more and to give more. I have been so blessed and so privilege in my life that it's time to pay it forward way more than I have ever done. 

  • So there, it's been two productive days and I'm also excited about tomorrow because we are going to visit a place that will possibly host our biggest event yet. Mudah2an diizinin Allah untuk bikin event di sana ya. Amin. 

  • If anyone reading this, thank you for reading. Selamat berpuasa if you are fasting. Hope this month will bring you a blessing that you have never expected before, just don't forget to be grateful for all the things that Allah has been giving us. The fact that we can still experience another Ramadhan is already a lot to be thankful for.  Hope we'll come out of Ramadhan a better person than we were before.

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