Trying Something For The First Time Today

January 11, 2022


Last time I wrote something in here was January 2020! 2020 not 2021. So it’s been two years. Pandemic happened, we stayed at home the whole time and I’m in front of my laptop most of the time and not even one post appeared in here?

Ok let’s make it 2022 resolution to write something, at least once a month?

Anyway, I feel like writing about today because I’m still euphoric about it :)

What did I do?

I went for a singing lesson!


Yes, you read it right (as if anyone’s reading this blog). I went for a singing lesson and boy DO I LIKE IT. I kept asking myself  why didn’t I do it sooner? I’ve thought about taking one back in the days but never actually went for it. And then this random thought randomly popped up in my mind when I mindlessly browsed Instagram story and found Jib’s friend sang Bahasa Kalbu beautifully. I’ve been listening to that song lately and then just like that I was reminded of one of my old dreams.

I’ve always wanted to be able to sing decently. Not spectacularly because I know my strengths and weaknesses :D. I just want to confidently sing without being out of tune all the time. And I also learned that taking vocal lesson will help my public speaking skill, something that I need to improve. It will boost my confidence because the lesson will help with my articulation, my posture and how I control my voice and breath. 

So I contacted the school right away knowing that if I put it on hold I will forget about it again. And turned out, I can start the week after, which is today.

Anyway, I love the class today. I love the teacher who made me feel like I entered a safe space, free from judgment. You know, me and my voice, we don’t get along. I always hate the way I sound, let alone sing. And it took courage for me to sing loudly in front of someone.But I did. I didn’t sing my heart out yet because, #babystep, I still hold back a bit but it just got easier and easier and it felt oh soo liberating. OMG I was so happy there, I laughed at myself and I surprised myself too whenever I hit the right pitch. I even shed a tear one time because wow it kinda felt like a huge emotion had been lifted off of me. And since the class involved breathing technique, it taught me about being mindful too, helped me focus and be more in tuned with my body. Unlike pilates where my mind still wandering around, this lesson forced me to put my 100% in class, which is nice because I finally can take my mind off of some stressful things. 

In addition to breathing technique, I learned how to hum and do-re-mi pitch :D. And in the end she asked me to sing a song and since I only know old songs so she picked Kaulah Segalanya by Ruth Sahanaya…haha. I know, what in the world, right? But we started with lower notes obviously. She played the piano and taught me how to sing it. It was super fun!

I don’t have a proper picture from today’s lesson. I have videos but I don’t think the world is ready to see so I’ll keep them to myself for now. But in that picture, which I screencapped from the video, I was smiling widely. I’ve actually been smiling since I left the school because I don’t know..I just feel good. It’s similar to the feeling after a good run or any exercise where you hit your personal best. You feel high on endorphins. Only this time it’s better because you don’t feel tired at all. And not sweaty. I’m proud of myself today for trying something new and keeping the spirit of living and progressing. 

And you know what’s funny. Jehan’s Piano teacher DM me and said even Ibu Sri Mulyani takes singing lesson there too. If it’s useful for her, it will surely be useful for me too. 

I cannot wait until next week. Or maybe should I do it twice a week? :D

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