Tahu Cabe Garam

May 19, 2024

I went to Shanghai last week and was so spoilt with delicious food for the full three days I was there. Lunch and dinner consisted of at least 10 different menus with varieties of vegetables, seafood, meat and chicken.  None of them failed me. I was amazed at the number of different dishes and tastes one can come up with that I devoured all of them and tried to appreciate every ingredients and seasonings that made up the flavor. So grateful for the experience that I made a mental note to look for some of the recipes, recreate it at home and actually cook more. I haven’t cooked in a while and it’s something that I actually enjoyed doing.

So today, I finally made something! Not something new as I’ve made it before and it’s just basic cooking but it’s so good that everyone at home can eat it and enjoy with a bowl of warm fluffy rice. Whenever I cooked I usually shared it in my Instagram but now I want to document it in here for myself, or for Jib whenever he misses mommy’s home cooking, and also for Jehan too when it’s time for her to go abroad for college. It’s an outlet for me to start writing too because at least I have something to write!

So here it goes, a simple stir fry tahu cabe garam.

- Tahu
- Tepung terigu
- Cabe merah
- Tepung maizena
- Garam (obvioiusly) & lada
- Bawang putih
- Daun bawang

Cara membuat:
- Potong dadu tahu
- Campur tepung terigu (4 sendok makan) dan tepung maizena (2 sendok makan) beserta garam dan lada. Kasih air & aduk sampai rata, masukkan tahu sampai terselimuti tepung (I didn’t do this properly makanya gak terbungkus sempurna) lalu goreng dan angkat
- Tumis bawang putih + cabe + garam + daun bawang (terakhir) dengan sedikit minyak, lalu masukan tahunya.
- Selesai & enjoy!

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