First day of the year

February 03, 2016

How did you spend the first day of January? I started the day with tears cause I had to say goodbye to my cousins. It was their last day of visiting us in LA because school was almost starting.

It was the first time I met the youngest of the sibling. Her name is Eidra. She is 9 years old. She and Jehan just hit it off right away like they've known each other for so long. It's amazing to see Jehan easily opened up to her. She usually won't talk to new people, no matter their ages. 

So there we were right at the gate, waiting for them to board the plane. She was so quite trying to control her emotion. I hugged her and put her on my lap and caress her hair while trying to hold my tears. She might not know this, but she inspired me a lot during the whole week she stayed with us. I admire her for being brave, flying 5 hours only with her brother as an unaccompanies minors, to a city she has never been, to see people she had never met before. She is also the sweetest kid I've seen. Very cheerful, positive, patient and nurturing. Her mom said she was a picky eater, but she happily tried new food with us. Maybe you'd see it as nothing special but I know how her family has been facing adversity for the past two months. So it's amazing to see her so calm and courageous. 

As soon as she landed in Tampa, her mom message me with this..

Eidra said, "I miss Kaka Hani so much mommy. She is so nice and the best"

Whoaa, that made me all teary again. I think that was the best compliment I've heard and definitely one that has a lasting power. It just sounds so genuine, spoken from a sincere heart and given at the right timing. 

I miss you too, little girl. Let's hope that June comes early so we all can see each other again :')

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