DELL Roundup at CES 2016

February 15, 2016

One of the intentions of my visit to the US last month was to visit the CES, Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and witnessed it first hand on the new lineup from Dell. It was quite an experience. I kind of expected it to be boring and kind of intimidated that I would be the least techy one in there but I was wrong!  Well maybe I was still the least techy one but at least no one knew! It was actually fun because there were many interesting installations, demos and eye-catching exhibits.

 Here's a few notes from Dell exhibitions:

  • It was held at Yardbird, a nice restaurant in The Venetian. So I spent 3 days there for the whole day. I was well fed and get out of there on the 3rd day gaining 2 kilos -__-
  • I learned a lot about Dell during the exhibitions; the products, the people as well as the company. Turned out, in the enterprise level, Dell has so much to offer than just laptops. I like the fact that Dell is a very focused company and that it cares about sustaining the planet. 
  • The theme surrounding the event was #weloveyourwork. So Dell is celebrating the innovative work of the people who use Dell Technology. 
  • One of the inspiring sessions was from Mike Libecki, a National Geographic explorer shared how he used Dell Rugged climbing world's remote places. If I'm not mistaken he was awarded most adventurest person of the year in 2013. His daughter even followed his path and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. It's the 7th continent that she climbed. And she is 12 years old! My 12 years old is still busy playing hangman! I wish he had brought his daughter along. 
  • Sony Imageworks showed The Making of Hotel Transylvania which was really awesome. My kids would love this session. 
  • I met two Hollywood celebrities who were involved with Dell. Josh Brener, the guy from Silicon Valleyand The Big Bang Theory started the event. The other one is Adrian Grenier, who is Dell Social Good Activist.

  • I tried Virtual Reality. VR was all the rage during #CES2016. They all believe the technology is finally becoming mainstream this year.  The one I watched was a short movie titled Cry Out: The Lonely Whale Experience, created to raise awareness on the issue of global warming. It was an eye-opening underwater ride.

  • Dell was also unveiling new and refreshed products during the event such as: New Latitude 11 5000 2 in 1, Latitude 12 & 14 5000 series and Latitude 13 7000 series, New InfinityEdge Monitor and refreshed XPS. Dell brought home so many awards during the event. Can't wait to have some of these products here so I can try them on. Especially the gold XPS!
I have a few more stories to tell from Dell at #CES2016. Wait for my next post :)

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