In Monochromatic Mood

February 18, 2016

I think I am quite a color coordinated person. I divided my wardrobe by color, I never wear more than 3 colors head to toe and I just can't stand a mismatched color. So it's not unusual if I find things I use or bring or wear during the day to be in a very similar colors. Like this one for example. In the pictures from left to right:

  • TOMS Traveler Sunglasses that I got on my last trip to LA. By buying the eyewear, you help restore someone eyesight :). By the way, visiting TOMS HQ at Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a must when you're in LA. I love the coffee, the people and the atmosphere.

  • Michael Kors watch that I also got in the US back in 2013.
  • Hermes Clic Clac. I won't look stupid with a big H on my wrist, right? It's my initial after all :D
  • Keep Cup. Keepcup is the first barista's standard reusable coffee cup. I got this one at Otten Coffee. I always have my coffee to go in the morning, so reusable cup is a must. And I like it in a clear cup so this is perfect.
  • Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet Oki got me from a few years back. It still look new.
  • Tod's Notebook. I'm a sucker for notebook even though I rarely write on them anymore. I really should start writing again. 

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