Adrian Grenier for Dell

February 26, 2016

Look who I hung out with during the 3 days Dell event at Consumer Electronic Show? Some of you know him as the boyfriend in Devil Wears Prada or from the HBO series Entourage.


Errr not a good picture of me nor him but I don't have other options!

Adrian was recently chosen as Dell first ever Social Good Advocate. He collaborates with Dell to promote healthier and more sustainable choice of living through digital storytelling. Why him, you asked? It's because in reality, he is been living the green life. Many know him as a social activist instead of an actor. He founded, a lifestyle platform to convey a more sustainable approach of living through film, design, art and food.

During the event, I learned that Dell has a project called Dell's 2020 Legacy of Good. The objective is by 2020, the good that comes from technology will be 10 times greater than what it takes to create it. It aims to collect 2 billion pounds of e-waste to source plastics for new Dell products. It also partnered with Goodwill so Dell has access to tons of old electronic equipments. Its suppliers also use trash in search of finding for new element to embed back to the product.

So turned out, many of Dell's material and packaging are made out of renewable/recycled materials. As a company, Dell has reduced 30% energy footprint. The HQ in Round Rock Texas has been using renewable energy 100% since 2007.


All this effort to drive sustainability while still creating great products and win many awards amaze me!

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