Welcoming the new member in the office

February 08, 2016

This time, is not a human....

but a refrigerator :D.

When the delivery men carried it from the truck to the pantry, the whole office clapped...haha. Kasian yaah, katanya udah diinvest tapi beli kulkas aja girang!

The truth is, even though we have been invested, we still maintain the startup and frugal mentality. We never used the money that doesn't correlate directly with growth. So we don't suddenly have fancy office and facilities.


But now we have more people, so there's more items. We get sent so many food and cakes and since Lotte supermarket opens just a few steps away from the office, we love to shop there and stock up some more food. Some of us also like to grocery shop during lunch and put frozen food in there before we bring it home. And then there's the nursing mothers who pumps breastmilk and store it in the refrigerator. So yes, a new refrigerator is in order.

The old one obviously has given so many memories for the past 5 years.  It's our first refrigerator and it's a hand-me down from Affi who got it from Aluf's grandma :D. I wonder how old that thing is, and surprisingly it still works really well. And you see the microwave on top of the old refrigerator? It's a gift from Linda Lince,  a long time member of Female Daily when we moved in to our current office :'). Even our water dispenser was snatched from Closet Quickies office long time ago. 

So there, startup life isn't glamorous at all. But we enjoy every process and every little milestones, every struggles, all the sweat and the laughs that come with it. And this one will definitely go in our memory box.

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