The Past Month..

February 25, 2016

The past month has been crazy. It's only been a month since I came back from the US but it feels like it's been ages! I guess it's because the non-stop ride after that. I got home late almost every single night. Let me go back and see what happened in the past month:


picture from The Jakarta Post photoshoot

  • One of the things I learned during the trip is almost all digital company there have a growth team. Growth team consists of people with background from marketing, web development, research and product. So I formed a growth team to closely monitor the number and understand more about the user journey so we can crank it up a notch, or two.

  • I pitched in front of Menkominfo Pak Rudiantara. I think this deserves a separate post.
  • I shared mommy moment with Lotte Choco Pie. Will share this in another post too. 
  • We have this possibility of moving office so we just had to survey a few potential office spaces. We like the current location a lot but it's not enough to hold all of us anymore, which is actually a good problem. Not easy to find one that fits our need and..budget :D
  • We had quite a discussion about acquiring 2 companies..haha...never thought this dicussion would happen this soon. But sometimes it's just faster to acquire rather than start the whole thing from scratch. Still weighing the good and the bad of it so we'll see :)
  • On the opposite of the one above, we also had a meeting with a big retail group who wanted to explore the possibility of acquiring a part of FDN :o). Of course we are honored and humbled, but honestly we haven't even give this a serious thought since that meeting. We just have too many on our plates that we don't have time to bring it up to our BOD meeting. 
  • I'm quite proud with my workout, there were times when I did 5 workouts a week. It's good to slowly incorporate it into my daily activities again and I think I'm falling in love with yoga. I can't believe I am able to bring myself to the yoga studio at 6:30 AM.
  • We had video interview with The Jakarta Post. A few of the ladies at the office were also asked questions about how it is being a working women.
  • Also did an Ask Me Anyting with Tech in Asia. It was fun!
  • Another interview with Feature Asia. You can see it here.
  • Another interview with Marketing Mix Magazine. I have a few interview requests lining up and God knows how late I am responding to their questions :(
  • Interviewed a few people for digital marketing and finally ready to give an offer. Pheww! Need to prepare a red carpet for her arrival :D
  • BOD meeting. Thank God my BOD is some of the nicest people, but still...they can see something I cannot see so have to be prepared answering any unexpected questions.
  • Meeting with P&G APAC and Facebook team from Singapore. It's nice to learn more from brand's and platform/social media perspective.
  • Dell Launching and giving my testimonial about Dell XPS 13 which I LOVE! I also need to write a separate post for this. 
  • Launching the social network feature in Female Daily and soon...the salon and spa
  • Dance Class in the office every Wednesday, and event with Sociolla and Mommies Daily on Valentine's Day. We also had beauty workshop with Nivea and My Beauty Diary although I didn't do anything to make it happened :D, my awesome team did! 
  • And those are on top of the regular thing I have to do everyday and occassional errands for everything related to kids family: wedding, syukuran, Jib futsal competition & admission, Je friend's birthday party, Taman Mini fieldtrip and tending Closetquickies and Heyspice in between.
And last but not least..
  • Learning how to use Snapchat! Haha!
See it's been an eventful month. Here's to a more productive month ahead :)

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