Female Daily Best of Beauty Awarding Night 2015

December 11, 2015

Finally, we had our first best of beauty awarding night last November 17. This is something we have talked about since loooong time ago, so it felt surreal to finally make it to live.  If you want to know winners you can click here for skincare, makeup and hair body & nail. Yep, we have 3 categories now so there are almost 70 product categories and that many winners. Everything is purely member votes so whoever the winners are, it's all members choice.

What made that night even more special was the 2 videos that were played in the beginning of the event, thanks to our talented video team. I've watched the video before but watching it in the big screen of Soehanna hall made it even more emotional. I couldn't believe that our journey can be captured so well in such a short video. Imagining it makes me want to shed tears of happiness already.

Anyway, another thing that also made the event special was the fact that our community helped made it possible. First, of course by filling out the survey that recceived 7200 responses. And the rest is by doing these things below...

Syita, the project coordinator. Syita is one of our first community members who then joined Female Daily as an intern. She joined us full time as she graduated for until 2 years ago when she decided to go full force on her Amaya Wedding business. Having her to coordinate so many things in the event is a blessing because she made it easy and smooth for us. Witnessing how far she has grown, leading the team and being in a full-authority mode makes me burst with pride. I love seeing a #girlboss like her that take full charge of her life. This girl will go places :).

Look who did my makeup? Who else but Endi Feng! He did not only doll me up but also Nopai & Affi before presenting the award for Makeup category with Hellua, a makeup enthusiasts who is also a regular in Female Daily Network now known as The Lipstick Mafia!

You like our pretty dresses? You can find them at Siren Clothing designed by the talented Lani, another FDers. She was soo kind to provide these dresses and altered it for us in less than 24 hours. Lani, you are a God-send!

Interview with N3Channel and guess who the producer was? None other than Lita, who is also one of our early members who joined us as Mommies Daily Managing Editor until early this year. You can watch the interview here.

I loved my rock-chic hair, done by Sharon and Ochel. Ochel is also started as Female Daily community members and now she is one of the editors in Female Daily. Soo of course she couldn't say no when I asked her to fix my hair..hahaha and look at her expression! I know deep down she enjoys it :)))

Last, no Female Daily event feels right without Amy Zein as the MC. This girl has hosted many high level events from all kinds of brands but she is nice enough to say no to us and our limited budget..hahahaha. If you've been in the forum since the beginning, her username was pesan sepatu :D.

Of course, more community members were there as well to make some noises and this is just some of them.

Aren't we the lucky ones? :)

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