A Thankful Friday

December 03, 2012

I have a special notebook to write all the things that I'm thankful for everyday. Why don't I write it on my blog? Well some of them are very personal. Plus, I like the idea of closing the day, reflecting and writing it old style; with pen and paper (with my Hermes Ulysse notebook to be precise, LOL).

Last Friday was an exception though, it was indeed a happy Friday like I projected in the beginning of the day. I remember I tweeted something like 'Jumat ceria' :D. Here are the things that happened last Friday.

1. I woke up relatively early. I always like it when I wake up early and not have to pray, take a shower and get ready in a flash. When I can take my time like that, I feel like I'm setting a good foundation for the rest of the day.

2. I drove Jehan to school. Since we left early, we had time to stop by at Starbucks. We always love to share our love for Starbucks Iced Grande Latte :).

3. Bouncy hair! I went to Haircode after dropping Jehan to school. There's nothing that can make you feel good instantly as a good bouncy hair.

4. Interviewed a candidate for Fashionese Daily Editor. Hiring means we're growing, right? :)

5. Meeting with a Japanese company. Lately, we found ourselves meeting with people from all over the world, even as far as Silicon Valley :-).  It's good that even people outside of Indonesia notice us.

6. Tumpengan. I have decided that I'm now ready for that fancy CEO title :D. This deserves a separate post that I'll do one of these days. Nopai announced this last Wednesday and there's the 'Makan-makan!' request for every congratulation email I received from everyone in the office. So I guess I had no choice :). Plus, Vanya said it's customary to celebrate it with tumpeng when we have just been promoted. So I ordered one from Koko Bogana. Before the lunch, we had a quick doa/wishes for the company. And the food is goood!

7. Pretty candid picture taken by Kila :D. My candid picture usually result in me looking jutek or lagi melongo!. Thank you Kila!

8. Receiving sooo many Twitter mentions congratulating me for the new title. It's nice to know that a lot of people are supporting you :).

9. Getting a new planner from Starbucks!.

10. FD Kelas Dandan and Dress for Success workshop. We usually do this workshop for our members but today we did it for everyone in the office because we have quite a few new people for the last few months.

11. Karaoke! In addition to the 'makan-makan' that everyone requested, they wanted to celebrate it with karaoke too :D. But since the people at Inul Vista kept changing the date and the room, we decided to do it in the office. Even Oki joined the karaoke session too. It's awesome when your husband blends well with everyone in the office.

12. Decluttering. I cleaned up my desk, a corner in the office, the shelves and also the storage room. I threw soo many unused stuff and boxes. I'm far from done yet with decluttering the office but at least that was a start. It always feel liberating after a session of decluttering.

13. Aksara Bookstore Yard Sale! Talk about books at IDR 25k :o).  Oki and I went a little bit crazy that we brought home more than 30 books.

14. Bumping into an old friend from high school in Aksara. Turned out he works at a company that we can so collaborate together.

15. Finding the kids still awake when we got home so I could still read them book and take them to sleep :).

I have nothing but smile and feeling blessed at the end of the day. Hope to always be grateful for the little things.

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