The Art of Traveling Light

November 21, 2012

Me? Travel light? I'm actually not sure if I can categorize myself as one. But I was pretty proud of myself when I opened the suitcase as soon as we arrived in our hotel room in KL last week, because I just realized that I actually do travel light.

4 days 3 nights for 2 adults and 2 kids and we didn't even fill all the space. Granted the suitcase is a large one but it's a hard case so that means the opening is in the middle and we can still stack more items even higher.

Not bad, right?


We did bring a carry on, but there was nothing in it but my ipad. Oh and we also bring a foldable duffel bag. Just in case :P

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  1. hebat deh han
    gue kok masih belum bisa arrange koper supaya efisien ya
    masih kudu bawa segambreng tiap travelling huhu

  2. mungkin karena aska masih kecil yaa Dhit? Kalo udah besaran jadinya lebih nyantai, kok. Apalagi kalo pergi deket-deket, kalo pun ada outfit krisis bisa tinggal beli :D