A Little Moment of Joy

December 31, 2012

We went to Waterbom last Saturday. It was a fun day. A day at a waterpark will always be fun. It was especially special to me because Jehan could swim by herself with her little life saver jacket :).

  At first, she was too scared and would hang on to my life for dear life when we were at the deep side of the pool. I've kept reassuring her that she wouldn't be drown because the life safer would help her float. She still didn't believe me so I had no choice but to step away from her :D. She looked scared for a second but then I convinced her that she can do it. She just needed to be calm and keep on stroking her hand. Then she smiled and looked amazed. After that, she didn't want me to hold her anymore as long as I was within reach. But then she went farther and farther until she told me she was going to the other side of the pool by herself. She didn't want me to follow her and instructed me to stay where I was :D. So I just sit there by the pool looking proud of my little girl.

 It might not look like a big deal but I considered that an achievement. Every moment where my kids can trust themselves and believe in their ability is a moment worth to celebrate. Every moment where my kids are willing to challenge themselves and learn new skill is a moment worth fighting for.

By the way, she rode this slide yesterday, while her mom was too chicken to try :D. 

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  1. Agree. Everytime my kids are able to do something they haven't been able to do before, I have my proud mommy moment(s) :-)
    Like your blog, esp. the traveling section. Found your blog via Fashionese Daily (which I read daily). Salam kenal ya.

  2. Hi Lydia, thank you for stopping by :). Salam kenal juga. Proud mommy moment itu walaupun hal kecil tapi bikin hati bahagia sekali yaa. Rasanya melebihi pencapaian diri sendiri.