So Who is Your Richard Parker?

December 29, 2012

The one part from Life of Pi that leaves a deeper meaning for me is the part when Pi said Richard Parker actually kept him alive. Because of Richard Parker, Pi had to find away to feed him so he didn't become Richard Parker's dinner. He needed to think and try hard to fish. He needed to make sure the Bengal Tiger was always full. The whole ordeal stimulated him.

Being busy taking care of Richard Parker kept him from thinking too much about his family and the tragic incidents. Tending to his needs kept him going because he didn't want Richard Parker to die. He needed him, he needed the companionship, the thing that kept him alive.

It reminds me again on how helping others, putting others first and thinking less of ourselves help us find meaning and purpose in life. I'm sure every one of us have our own version of Richard Parker in our life.

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  1. Richard parker is his "other side". People who have been pressured in tragic moments tend to split into a totallty diffrent personality, and thats what makes him alive.richard parker here is his companion, a reason to struggle to be alive.its his wild side.remembr the scene when he made it to the island and someone helped him afterward?the tiger was leaving him.