The Reasons For Its Existence

December 28, 2012

Today, while waiting for all kind of handymen to come to the office, Nopai and I was somehow engaged in a discussion about religion. I forgot how it ended up there but it did. Long story short, we came to a conclusion that whatever your religion is, it guides you on many fundamental things in life. It shapes your perspective. It builds your character. It gives you pointer on how to navigate things. It helps you through many stages of life. 

From my own experience, I can see how mine forces me to learn about self-discipline and time management through the five mandatory prayers. I learn about the power of delay gratification through the fasting moments. I discover the beauty of sharing through the obligatory zakat. I developed self control through avoiding things that are not allowed. And of course, acknowledging there's the master up there who help brought me and designed my existence led me to a state of true humility.

And those are just some of the general ideas. There are also things that I learn not through religion but in the end realized that it's been suggested all along, such as the importance of reading, the beauty of being modest, the benefit of being grateful and so many other things. If you look further, the teaching also goes into a very detailed suggestions from raising kids to managing money.

Of course, there are times when I fail, but it's nice to have something to bounce back to. True that we can learn all of those from other factors too; family, friends, books, movie, anything. Some have figured it all out effortlessly. Some took quite a while to grasp the idea. Some learned about it the hard way. And some unfortunately are still clueless.

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