Female Daily Network 1st Outing!

December 17, 2012

Thanks to Syita, who had been relentlessly begging us to go on an outing trip, we finally took two days off to Bandung for the company's first outing. It was super fun, two days full of laugh with the whole team. I couldn't be happier :).

During the trip:

I learned more about some of the people in our team. I also learned more about myself. I (and the rest of the team) tried new things during the challenge; made kue balok, rode an ontel bike, made a ceramic art (if you can call ours an art). I explored another side of Bandung. I took photo box wearing wig and sunglasses with a silly pose. I and my team went all out and won the challenge as the fastest team with the highest point. I along with Lita & Syita went for a morning run at GOR Siparua. And not only that, I did my first 5k there with a pace I couldn't complain :). I also went on a shopping spree in Rumah Mode and loved all of my haul. I truly enjoyed the performance at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. I played Angklung and danced with a little girl named Putri at the end of the show :). On the way home, I sang ST12 song on the karaoke LOL!.

I might have forgotten the details but I won't forget how happy the trip made me feel.

"Ini jadi pengalaman yang nggak akan Agus lupain, kak", said the office boy :). It made me promise to myself to always strive to give people meaningful experience, not stuff. It's experience that makes our life richer, stuff gets broken, lost and replaced easily but beautiful memory stays in our heart forever.

Until next year outing everyone :)

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