Lessons Learned!

January 04, 2013

Two days into the new year and I have finished (albeit thin) book. Not bad, eh?. This book, like the title suggests, presents 50 career story straight from the world's top business leaders. Here's the takeaways that I want to highlight:
  • Solutions should never come at the expense of your reputation
  • Being demanding of yourself is a must. Focusing on the quality, on the speed, on the clarity of whatever tasks you're asked to do. 
  • A can do attitude doesn't mean you don't see there's an obstacle. It's about realizing there are obstacles to getting things accomplished but figuring out how to overcome them as opposed to saying "here is a wall I cannot climb over"
  • Effective leaders often exhibit high expectations, strong resilience and perseverance and an affirmative attitude.
  • You should intentionally spend time with people who are different from you
  • The most important perspective in life is to have the long-range view over the short term expediency.
  • If you're hiring, you should take your time to recruit. You must get the best possible person for the job, even if it take longer than you'd ideally like.
  • You should always question your first choice for the role. Are you taking her on because it is the easy option or because she is the perfect person for the job?
  • By making time to purse your interests, you broaden the range of future opportunities. This way you can optimize every opportunity in your current role. 
  • Successful leaders envision where they want to go, and map out the process for getting there.

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