February 02, 2008

Iseng nyoba nyoba nge blog di wordpress. I’ve always been a blogger girl, tapi kayanya kurang canggih yah, not that I’m going to do anything fancy in this blog (CSS? What CSS). It’s just I’m used to wordpress now since FD has been using it for a while. I’ve tried blogging in Multiply, I like the fact that it can be set as contacts only, but I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but writing in there doesn’t seem as effortless as in other blog machine. Besides, I’ve always feel bad if I didn’t get a chance to visit and comment to the other people blog that’s in my network…and it’s kinda weird knowing who visit and read your blog..I want to write like no one is reading..that’s why I’m not going to put visitor counter in here, and this blog is supposed to be un-google-able..:D

I woke up at 6 today ..but then went back to sleep again for another 2 hours. Udah berapa hari ini tidurnya nggak nyenyak gara gara dari hari Jum’at minggu lalu Oki nya sakit selama 4 hari. Abis itu Jibrannya yang sakit for 2 days. Jadi practically baru semalem deh tidur nyenyak gitu….jadi pas bangun seger banget. I feel like I can conquer the world..:)

Hari ini ada pengajian sih di rumah Agas, tapi Jibrannya kayanya belom sembuh banget, trus tadi pas di tanya mau pengajian apa enggak katanya enggak, that means he’s still not feeling well. Lagian Oki kan hari ini sekolah seharian dari tadi pagi, sekolahnya pas di sebrangnya rumah Agas, jadi kalo mau kesana kita mesti naik metro biar baliknya nggak bawa 2 mobil..takut juga nih kena angin nanti Jibrannya sakit lagi..:(. We’ll see lah……

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