There goes my car...

July 09, 2004 car of 3 years, my one and only pride when i was in loyal companion to just about everywhere i went. It was sold to this Indonesian family who just moved here a few weeks ago. I thought I would never sell the car until I decide to go home for good..but I realized that there isn't really a need to have 2 cars right now, mine has been untouched most of the time, pretty much since I've quit my job. I really love that car...nduti bought it for me, yea it's true he never bought flowers, but he bought me a i can't complain, can i?..:P

I drove it for the last time on the way to the family's house yesterday...just me and the it had always been. I remember the first time I rode in that car, the first drive..the new and showroom-y smell.I've spent a lot of time with that car..the mileage has gone up to 72000 in a matter of 3 years...i remember driving around town...taking my friends to the grocery, to the mall, to get something to eat, etc..I remember speeding down the highway to st. louis on the weekend, even back and forth everyday for a few times during the Missouri Valley Tournament..just by myself, listening to the cd, thinking about anything and everything. Thank god I've never got a speeding ticket even I drove way past the speeding limit most of the time...only a whole lot of parking tickets from school..hehehe..*I think i still keep those tickets* That car had been such a good car, never had a problem..never needed any of its part fixed, just the usual oil change and stuff.I'm gonna miss it a lot, it's gonna be weird seeing the empty parking spot that I used to park the car at and not having the car's key in my key chain. Oh well..I hope they take a good care of the car, and hope their kids won't tear it apart...

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  1. Dinamain nggak mobilnya, Han? Huhuhu...perpisahan yang mengharukan yaa.

  2. ita :gue juga pilih dibeliin mobil donggk daripada bunga..:p tp apa daya daku gak diijinin nyetir sendiri... takut kabur..hahaha.Sedih juga yah... kehilangan mobil tercinta... but itu mungkin keputusan terbaik.. :)