My Mother In-Law Kicks Azz

June 20, 2004

She is my celebrity gossiping partner, she follows newlywed religiously and knows about Paris Hilton more than I do and she can name you a song from 50 cent. She watches the NBA Final with us and her heart skips a beat whenever the Lakers are down a few points a few minutes before the buzzer..and oh..she also knows who LeBron James is. And most importantly...she is always on my side whenever dendre and i have some sort of disagreement, like when dendre doesn't understand why I need another bag and couldn't see the difference between the particular bag that i wanted to the ones they have at she schools him on that and even buys a pair of sandal from the same brand for herself to support me..YAY.See..She Rocks!!..Too bad she already left this morning. Oh well...

*picture taken at Downtown Chicago

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  1. Edhish: wahhh enak dunk Han mertuanya baik gitu.. me baru mau ketemuan ama mertua cewe hih.. setelah 30thn suami ga ketemu sama dia.. akhirnya dapat juga.. mau reunian dehh

  2. [ wulan ] hihihihi... I think I need more people for that. Mommy too busy to watch TV :( *siiyyaann*