A quickie

June 16, 2004

Wiiihh..udah lama juga ya nggak nge-blog...bales komen2 aja belum sempet. Kemaren ini kita jalan2 ke chicago dan nginep 3 malem...dendre's mom is still here so i've been taking her here and there..i also have been busy with my ebay store..taking pictures of the items, listing them all(it takes quite a lot of time), replying emails, wrapping the items and shipping them, etc. Lumayan.. 2 brand new seven jeans udah ke jual, 2 of my maternity pants and lots of Jibran's items yang masih baru baru dan nggak sempet dipake. Still have a lot to sell......harus cepet2 nge listing lagi. So talk to you later...

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