..Ten Things I LovE aboUt YoU..

December 22, 2001

1. I love you for telling me that you love the way i look when i just get up in the morning

2. I love the fact that you don't hold grudges against me, you forgive and forget...and never bring up any mistakes i've made in the past

3. I love the way you carry yourself in front of anybody you meet, you seems to gain respect from others easily

4. I love the way you laugh when i childishly act silly in front of you, such as when i do the jungkir balik thing

5. I love the fact that you realize that I SUCK AT SINGING but you still ask me to sing anyway..

6. I love the fact that you pay attention to little things down to the very detail...like where i bought my clothes from even though i got it long ago and i've forgot about it my self, or when you know the price of 4 rolls charming tissues in schnucks and how expensive it is compare to walmart...

7. I love you for being my private buku pintar..*hehe*, i practically can ask you about anything and everything and you always have the answer for those..

8. I love the fact that you have a nurturing mental, the fact that you love kids, the fact that you are willing to grow plants and running around stores to find plants you like

9. I love you even more for the fact that the things i don't like about you can't even be accumulated to TEN....

10. I LOVE YOU for everything nduti, for being you, for loving me the way i am...thank you GOD for sending me this beautiful creature of human being..=)

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