Fotki Photo Album

December 22, 2001

Last week, i signed up for an online photo albums at , i haven't fully figured it out how that site works but i uploaded some of my photos anyway, there were 4 of them. When i uploaded the photo..i remember i clicked the choice that said accessible for my friends only. That means i get to choose who can view my pictures and who can't..right??. So anyway, i haven't touched that thing again since last week and a few minutes ago..i wanted to upload some more pictures of mine when i noticed there is an entry in the guest book sections. Apparently, this dude name mahmud in egypt signed my guestbook, i don't even know him and have no idea how he get the access to my photo album, i found out later that his name is in my buddy list..don't ask me why his name is on the list..i haven't even put any of my friends on the list. Okay so get my photo viewed by others that i don't know is one thing..i supposed i am okay with that since i also have a website with loads of pictures of me and i make it available for anyone to see...BUT..for a stranger to see my pictures and telling me how beautiful i look *honestly, it didn't flattered me at all* and steal my pictures and make it as his wallpaper is another thing...! This is really scares me and i don't know what to do..i want him to drag my pictures onto the recyble bin and just empty the bin...but how is that possible???.. Anyway, so what i did was i delete all of the pictures in my fotki album...oh man...this is so spooky...=(

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