oreo, banana and milk

December 03, 2001

i've never thought that the combination of these three things is actually pretty good..=). That was my dinner for tonight.

As for my weekend, i had a wonderful weekend..=), dendre came on friday night, i went to mbak titi's house when he was on the way here, i picked up mbak susi first and went there together. We also had another indonesian gathering last night at mbak susi's place, it was actually farewell dinner for mbak maya but since her house was nothing but empty *she's leaving today* so they decided to hold the event in mbak susi's instead. So..i've been having some good meals lately, don't forget to add some kalahas on my latest menu..hehe.

We watched basketball yesterday...siu versus indiana university, the hoosiers..or should i call the boooooosiers..haha... it was so awesome..it was like the best game i have ever watched, i mean like the place, the decoration, the fireworks, the crowds..the team, everything was perfect..and that's just what we needed. People justify the arena with big smiles..everybody's happy..

We also went to the mall to exchange my black pants, i bought it since 2 months ago but turned out that i don't really like it so i never actually wear it, but i've lost the receipt, so they gave me a store credit, i got a turtle neck tank top and a tiny t for the exchanges.

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