Me, Myself and I

December 21, 2001

I took a personal profile test at one of the astrology related site, this one seems to be accurate although some are definetely wrong...they said that i love the beauty of the natural world and prefer a serene country setting rather than an urban life style..ehm excuse me, as much as i love natural world..i am however prefer the city life setting over mountains..

Overall, they did a good job for revealing my self and i can learn more about my self. The profile said that i am a steadfast and patient soul...capable of tremendous devotion, dedication, endurance and constancy....*woo hooo*..i know i get all those from my lovely mom...thank you mom for having the ability to follow through and stick with things and make the most of it. Other things they said is the fact that i want to see concrete, tangible results for my efforts. And...this is what reveals most about me said that most of my dreams have to do with well-being, security and material achievements.I have a strong desire for security, stability and peace. very true..

At heart, my needs are simple and I am easy to please *true true*, not very demanding but i do crave lots of physical closeness and affection. And because of my faithfulness, emotional steadiness, and gentle strength..others often depend upon me for support. I have an innate sense of harmonizing things, allowing things to grow and unfold in their own time and the patience to nurture something into it a child *i know i'll make an excellent mom* or a garden...*this one i'm not sure* .

It also said that i want to experience and enjoy life to the full and eventhough i will work long and persistently, i still have a strong sensual and comfort-loving side and want to enjoy what i have worked for. I can be enormously lazy at times..*very true* and have a tendency to overindulge in good foor and other earthly pleasures.

My major faults, according to this site is my bull-headed obstinacy and also my unwillingness to deviate from my safe, predictable routine. That's true you know...and this is what has been holding me back from a lot of things. My third major faults is i have the ability to open my mind to the new. Hmm, i'm not agree with this one since i always think i am open to new things..although not the extreme ones like bunjee jumping or a ride in roller coaster *you know i'm petrified of heights, right?*. my life has been changing a lot and i have moved over a few countries..singapore, australia and the states..i've gone to different kinds of school, culture, people and exposed to a lot of things. So i am completely disagree with the last one.

It also said something about my mentality...about my mind that operates in a very deliberate and methodical manner. I dislike being rushed or forced to give an opinion before i have thoroughly ruminated and digested the idea. I am also difficult to influence one my mind is made up. They also said that i am a bit slow to grasp new concepts or learn new skills..oh Hell No...i realize i'm not the top student but i can say that i am a quick learner..there's no doubt about it. Well, that's actually depend though..are we talking about math or things i like here?. If it's math they are talking about than i have no objection..but if it's something i like and wants to learn..i am actually quite bright..=)

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