la la la ls

December 21, 2001

Browsing around the net all day long, this what has been doing since i took my last final...not very productive. But hey, i don't have any choice. I enjoy this though because soon spring semester will start and i will barely have time to go i'm making the most of it right now...hehe. Anyway, i'm still downloading songs..i can't get enough of those. My favorite song at the moment is kyle minogue.."can't get you out of my head"..i like the tunes and the's so energetic and makes you happy and now i can't get this song out of my la la la la la la la...=)

You know, i checked my grades over the internet yesterday. When the semester began, i thought i could get this semesters done with A's all over my transcript but i kinda figured out that was not gonna happen when the final's week approaching..kinda lost track i guess. So, i only found 3 A's on my transcript..suprise surprise..i got A for my marketing research class...did he get my grades mixed up or something?. or was the project really a masterpiece?. I guess it's the project huh? all of the hard work, the time that wasted to get this boring project completed is finally paid off. I got B for two of the classesand a C for finance class. I know this finance class is no joke and when i came to the class on day one i was like.."i'll be happy with a c for this class"..but then i made my effort, i got a b on my second exam and i got A's and B's for my quizzes, eventhough i haven't found out what my final grades is...i'm sure it won't be that bad, at least a how come i got C for the overall grades???..Oh i need to talk to the teacher..but know him, he's not friendly and seems to not have the willingness to help the students...and he made it clear on the last class that he can't give grades over the phone or that means i need to get my butt all the way back to carbondale just to find out what my grades are/

we're going to Gordmans later this afternoon, after dendre got back from work..i'm so excited because i'm gonna buy my new organizer. I know i know..i have this thing about organizer..i just can't get enough of those..i remember ever since i was in grade school..i always bought organizer over and over and over again, i must have one big box of those accumulated. And you's not like i'm this creative girl who seems like running out of places to allocate her so called creativeness..believe me i am not. So i just bought one for the sake of it and since new year is coming..i have a good reason to buy yet another new organizer..and the rosetti organizer sitting nicely on the rack at gordmans is just so iressistible..

So..i finished my first cd yesterday..*sounding like an artist..* has alternative rock songs on it...from blurry to creed ..the calling to staind, matchbox 20, linkin park, five for fighting. My favorite song in this one is superman.."it's not". I like puddly of Mud by blurry too...i basically like every single song in this cd. Now i'm about to make my second cd, i'm gonna put every love songs by krisdayanti and Anang *haha, it's so cheesy don't you think?*...

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