December 20, 2001

It's nice outside..cold but yet the sun shine so bright..=). I just got back from walgreens, bought a few little things such as sally hansen gel cuticle remover...hehe, that's for my nduti..he;s always biting his cuticle and i hate it when he does that, so hopefully he can get rid of his habit with this gel thingy..if it doesn't break that means he doesn't have anything to bite..right?. i also bought a 12 pack TDK blank know..i have practically nothing to do here except downloading all of the songs at audiogalaxy...*i'm in love with audiogalaxy..*, so after i transfer the song to the cd writer, i'm gonna record it to the cassette i just bought...i know it's a bit old fashioned..still listening to the cassette in almost year 2002, hehe..what can i say...thecar doesn't have cd player...

What else i bought at walgreens??..ooh i bought cadburry roast almond..hmm, yummy..and i also bought in style magazine. ohh i'm so full right now..i ordered mc donalds from the drive thru usual..i ordered 4 pieces nugget happy meal..i've been collecting the beannie babys that comes with it lately, i have 4 so far..i think there are 4 more to go...yey..hehe.

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