December 21, 2001

So i checked my inbox every two minutes or so right, cause i'm expecting email from nduti..and then when i checked it again the next 2 minutes..i got an email from astrid so i figured she must be online with her yahoo messenger. I used dendre's nick at that time and her nick is not on there so i didn't know wheter she was online or not, so i logged in with my nick instead and there she was, hehehe..!. It feels good to talk to her again, since it's been quite a while..but we didn't really talk a lot though..i was just kinda confused what topic to bring and it seems like the conversation was not flowing so smooth.

Anyway, i was like asking her about andi..whether he's going home or not this holiday and right after she answered my question...asu went online on the ICQ...*bless him to have a long life..*, so they talked and he decided to download yahoo messenger too. When he finished downloading the messenger, he added my nick and everything and so we chatted, hehehe...it was funny..you know he's always been goofy and all. And then i showed him my webcam, hehe..he was laughing he said i look like an arab, well what do you expect? . Anyway, he said that he has a webcam too but he doesn't know how to use it, hehe..so i told him how to use it and then next thing i knew his face was in my monitor..hehehehe, it was funny tho...!.

He's roommated with Edo and i got to talk to him too and saw him on the webcam, he looks so skinny. They both look the same like they were in high school...oh my god..that was like..when..4 or 5 years ago??

I'm still laughing over the things asu said to astrid..when he hasn't downloaded the yahoo messenger, he said things to me via astrid, so astrid was like.."hani..kata asu salam buat nelly ..IA IA O'Ooo..". At first i was like..what??..but then i figured out that was the lyrics in one of nelly's songs...hahahha..

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