No More Dial Up

August 02, 2001

haven't written in here for a couple of days, lots of things happened. Last Tuesday, we went to the airport to pick up mbak maya and mas abdul. I thought they were going to sleep over here but then their car was fixed so they decided to drive forward to carbondale, but they did came over for a while

I have some good news to tell...first is about the cable modem..yey..:), we finally got our cable modem yesterday, it's so much faster and smoother, oh i wish we've ordered this long time ago, i'm sure we would already have cds stack up in the house, cos that's exactly what we're doing now, hehehe. I'm listening to kopi dangdut right now, hehee...that's my all time favorite dangdut song.

Second good news is i have 3 emails for klikmarketing, 2 of them said that we have done a great job and they wanted klikmarketing to join the workshop/conference that they hold this coming september, isn't that such an honor?..There was this guy who email me, he said he wanted to join the klikmarketing team, we have a team?..anyway...

Third good news is Kim email me and she said that she has a room booked for me on the second floor, facing the basketball court, perfect, just how i wanted my room to be. anyway...i only have a couple days justify..hix...

I don't know what else to write in here...i guess i'll write later!

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