Sunday Bloody Sunday

August 20, 2001

Sunday Morning...i'm really glad that class starts tomorrow, i know this semester is gonna be fast and i'm gonna rock!!..hehe..Anyhoo, i just got back..well at least an hour ago from dinner with all of the indonesian (mas heru, mbak susi, yoga, ben, mbak maya, mas abdul and cutie kania..too bad nduti justify this afternoon so he couldn't join us), we ate dinner at pizza hut and i ate 3 slices of pizza even though i wasn't hungry at all, in fact my stomach was still full of the chicken leg over rice from kahala. After that we stopped by at Mas heru place and den ben dropped me home.

Dendre was here the whole weekend.. He came here on friday around 7 o'clock, jay came along with him but he got off at the car dealer. That night, when he just arrived, he waited for me doing my SLA stuff at the student center and then we ate Mc Donalds. I was ready to leave the student center and debbie said it was okay for me not to go to the mentalist thing, so we justify but then on our way home we thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea if we watched the mentalist show, so we headed back to the student center. But I think the show hasn't started yet by the time we got to the auditorium, instead there was like a speaker trying to explain about the whole college thing and he was trying to look like a comedian. Not worth to see, so we just justify. We stopped by at Barnes Noble to get some ice cafe mocha and then we went to Walmart, i bought a couple of things but i didn't find all the things that i really need. We went home after that..

On saturday, went to eat kahala for lunch, i discovered the same menu as the ayam gosong at chinese restaurant in bloomington, it's not as good as that one tho but not bad at all, it's called chicken leg over rice in kahala. After that, we went to target and i bought quite a couple of things...and after finished shopping we went back to my room but we stopped by at the storage to pick up some of my stuff. There was this dance party held by SIU at the student center to welcome new students, so all of the sla had to be there too. Nduti went there with me and we met Ben, the party was not so entertaining, i don't like the songs and all that, so dendre and i just justify but i knew that the sla need to be there when the party ended to clean up the ballroom. So just went to Chicago hotdog, they just moved by the way, they moved next to sidetrack and the place is much bigger and nicer than the old one. That is really a good thing since some of the businesses here are closing down. Dendre ordered the philly cheese steak, hehe..i still remember that two summers ago, we used to eat there almost everyday, even dendre sometimes ate there twice in one day, the philly cheese steak was so good that we got to eat that all the time, and dendre figured it out that it's all the beginning of the BIG him, hehehe....!. We went back to the student center after that, and the party was over and the sla had a meeting outside the ballroom, but it was for only 5 minutes and we didn't have to clean up the ballroom....!.

Debbie and the others were planning to go to the stix after that, but i didn't feel like going to a club you know..besides, you won't ever find a decent club with a good music here, soo..forget it. But i did say that i might join them later tho...just for the sake of it.

So later on that night, yoga called and informed us that he has arrived and now is in the amtrak station. So we dragged our ass out and pick him up and drop him at mas heru's place because i don't have any place for him in my room, and i don't have extra comforter, blankets and all that, so he better sleep at mas heru's place. We hung out there for more than an hour and then we went home..

Today..i was still sleepy even tho i slept for what it seemed to be more than 9 hours. Mas heru also went to my room for a while,and after i took a shower and everything...we went to the uhaul place to pick up yoga's truck. I'm not sure how he's gonna make it but..i hope nothing bad happened and he'll get there safely..amiin. i really do pray for him you know because it's just scary to imagine him driving down the uhaul all the way to indiana, without any experience of driving a car in the states, let alone a full loaded truck. But..i don't know..i think something might happen, but i assume it's only something small tho, like maybe he bump into something and the car get slightly dented..i don't know...i hope not tho...!

After we got the truck, we went to the storage and loaded all of his stuff to the car, so the storage is empty now, and after that we went to kahala..another chicken leg over rice, and then we went to seventen, i needed to buy some textbooks. But then dendre suggested me to check the price at the university bookstore first since i will get 15% discount as a sla. So we went to university bookstore, they have the same price but since i got the discount there, so it's quite cheaper, i could save around 30 something i guess.

At 3.25 i had to go to kaskasia room to attend to student involvement session, so i went only took 20 minutes, dendre and yoga was waiting outside.

So we had a picnic, i know i came a bit 20 minutes late maybe, but there was no point of me being on time anyway, doesn't make any difference, it's not like i had a duty or responsibility. The important thing was i was there at the picnic and i was there during the choir and the meeting. Yupe, we had a meeting around 6 o'clock, it was a wrapped up kind of meeting and we got out certificate. is it like being an SLA (student life advisor)?..well i don't know..i'm not proud of becoming an sla though and this is not what i expected. Most people were sad that the orientation was over but i wasn't sad at all, i didn't feel anything...maybe because i don't feel like a big family of the SLA'S. I don't know who they are and everything, i couldn't even named 8 of them..i mean outside the international SLA, and i think it was the stupid thing that they handed out the angket about who is the most enthusiastic sla, who is the sla who has the most saluki spirit and all that, how can i answer that when we don't even know the name of all the people?..

I thought as an sla, we will have so much responsibilities and duties, i thought i will spend every minute of my time helping and assisting all of the students, I thought i will be so busy and hardly have time for my self. But..most of the time i found my self just sitting around being bored at ISS or just chatting around with other people.

i just feel like most of the assignment given was not clear enough. I know i was assigned at Housing sections but i didn't even have enough information about the housing, i'd like to know every detail of it before i let my self being asked by the students about all the apartments and dormitory, and i don't think it was really helpful tho..well..i know some people got their housing from us but still you know. For example is that we have a list of apartments to give out to the new students, but so what? they can get the list from the newspaper....and by giving out the list the students still need to call the landlord and find the address by themselves..what they need is the transportation to get there, how to approach the landlord, etc.i mean..i don't know..maybe it's just me, but if i'm helping someone..i want to fully help him/her till he/she get what he/she wants, i don't like to leave them hanging just like that.'s just hard to explain...!.

The other thing that i don't really like is this orientation is not really well organized, i know they are trying..but they didn't encourage students to come to each of the orientation and participate in that. So only a couple people showed up during the library tour, the train tour, etc... Overall, the good thing about being an sla is that i got to meet quite a bunch of people....Well, it's over now..

i'm just gonna read the glamour magazine i bought at the shnucks, ooh
forgot to tell you that i went to international grocery and schnucks with yoga and his truck, hehehe... posted by hanzky at

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