August 17, 2001

..it's been more than a week since the last time i wrote here. yea, i've been really really busy with the orientation staff, well not like i have a lot to do when i'm at the ISS, but i just have to be around there in case someone needs help or something. This orientation started last monday and we have been there since 8 in the morning till 7 at night. Today is okay cos i just need to give them the library tour at 2, maybe it will take about an hour or so then the next thing is at 7 o clock, so i will have a chance to go home and..i dont know..do some stuff like unpack my stuff maybe, my room is just like a plane crash..you can't even see the floor..

So, it's been 5 days since dendre and i have been away of each other, not long but enough to make me miss him....he justify on sunday afternoon after he dropped me off at the student center. But last tuesday, i stopped by at his place..for only like 15 minutes, debby wanted to pick up yanos at the airport and she asked if i wanted to come down with her so i could stop by at nduti's, hehe..

Living in ambassador hall is okay i guess, except for the fact that it's not so easy for me to eat, i mean it's not like that i always cook but it's just that i don't like to be going in and out the communal kitchen whenever i feel like eating. . Anyway, there are a lot of people here in ambassador hall, i met some of them....laura is living on the same wing with me but her room is all the way at the end, and ivonne room is just accross from laura's room. Upstairs, there are yoko..the japanese girl, marilu from peru.., next to marilu's room is martha's room. Kay room is upstairs too but i forgot what number she is in, and ON is also on my floor. I don't have like a close friend or anything here, but i think i know enough people to make me feel comfortable. I get along with Kaori okay, debbie is nice too.. The rest of the guy are okay, the malaysian group like paul, yap, ling are nice, well it's not like i wanted to get close with them. but they are good, the nigerian like wally, niyi, dotun and nsikak are fine too..i click with them, i mean they are nice and funny too..they always crack me up..haha

Hmm, i don't know what else to write..i'm trying to convince dendre to come over here tonight..but i know he'll be tired and all that so maybe it's okay if he just come down here tomorrow till sunday, either tonight or tomorrow..i will still see him right? but i prefer tonight tho........! Well, i think that's it for now..i'm trying to build ASAF website and maybe just cleaning up my room..it smells like onion!!

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