August 09, 2001

..haven't touch this blog lately, almost a week i think...i don't know why, but it's getting harder and harder for me to express my feelings, especially to put it into words..i used to be really good at this..well anyway, nothing really important to write about anyway...but i want to jot down every single experience i've had in here so that one day i can look back and rememberin these days..:),.

We went to carbondale last weekend, by the time we drove pass the "welcome to carbondale" sign, we could tell that carbondale has been going downhill lately, i mean..i know it's summer break so i didn't expect that it's gonna be crowded over there, but where are the stores ?..a lot of businesses closed down over here...that's sad.

we went to ambassador hall to pick up my room's key, sign the paper work and all that. We went to the storage also, thank god i didn't have that much stuff..after that we went to walmart, i got the comforter and all that but it wasn't the one that i wanted to..but it's also pretty cool tho.

Hmm, don't know what else to write, see..i'm not that creative in writing anymore, i used to write endless entry in my journal back in the days. I called my mom yesterday morning..they are doing good back home. Oh you know what..i really hate this, i was kinda late in paying my school fee for fall semester, and they canceled all my registeration already...oh my god, i already registered for all of my 5 classes and they just canceled them off just like that.., it's so complicated to re-register and all that, especially when the semester is almost begin. I bet all the classes are already closed and they want me to run around from the registeration office to marketing dept to the teacher's room to get all the signature i needed for my close card..*sigh*..poor me!. Oh..i need to call verizon to turn my phone on........! And, don't forget to cancel dendre's prodigy account!.

I received 2 emails for klikmarketing today, one is from bapak budi dharmawan, he is the marketing manager of SCTV, yea..i'm gonna conduct an interview with him, he sounds like a nice person. I like the fact that he reply my email right away, not like Hana Budiono from agrakom, i sent her email like 3 weeks ago and she still hasn't reply it, even if she's not interested to be interviewed i think she still owe me an email to say that she's not interested or something..not just leave me hanging like this......

You know what, I can't believe it's really getting closer and closer to the day of moving away..*hiks*. Saying good bye has been my weakest point, especially to the people i trully's like something is missing in my life the second i waived good bye. I know we can do this one (long distance relationship), we've experienced a different continent long distance relationship the first 6 months of us being a couple,....and now is only a matter of days before i can see him again. But saying goodbye has never been my strong point. Even before i justify to go to the states, i didn't want my friends to take me to the airport, i didn't even want a farewell party, cause i hate to bid farewell to all those people that i care for ..

I hope someday..along the line...i will be together again with my family, friends and all the people i love..and i hope that i would never have to say good bye ever again to them.

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