The Weekend

July 31, 2001


Right when i just stepped out of the bathroom, I heard some voices in my answering machine, i didn't hear the phone ringing, anyway..i thought it was dendre..i picked it up was mas abdul. All three of them got stuck in the highway on the way to the airport, their car broke down, thank god it's just near here, so i drove down there to pick them up, it was like 2.15 or something and they have been there since 1 o'clock. they have been calling me but the line was engaged, they called the cell phone but dendre didn't hear it and they call dendre at the office but he wasn't in his room, poor them.

Anyway, i took them to the house and mas abdul took care of the towing and all that. They supposed to leave to DC at 2 o'clock but of course they have missed it, but there is still a chance for them to catch the 7 o'clock flight. So...Mbak maya and I just waited at home while Mas Abdul went to meet the person from the towing company. At 4.45, we went to the station and picked up dendre and then we drove them to the airport, lucky them, they can get on board. After that, dendre and i just went home..he took a shower and all that and we ate dinner at the new china, it's not bad, it's pretty good. After that, we went to the party at the park in front of the apt, hehe...there were a lot of people from all ages there, they had like dance floor for teenagers.. and on the other side of park was a country band and everybody were dancing and enjoying the music, and there were a lot of rides too, some scary one. We went home at 11.30.


we went around and visited almost every single store, hehe..first we went to the mall, dendre bought me an orange turtle neck tiny tee at the rave, thank you nduti..:)). Then we had lunch at the food court, panda chicken and mandarin chicken, dendre had some chick-a fila, he's addicted to it. I forgot what's the chronological order, but after that, we went to TJ Maxx, Wallgreens, Walmart, Borders....Dendre bought some t-shirt and pants for work at tj maxx. dendre also bought Yani CD, at first we went to walmart and then we went to borders cos dendre wanted to buy the cd. Turned out that it was more expensive in Borders than in Walmart, so we had to drive back to Walmart and get the cd..hehe.. a lot of running around involved.. We also stopped by at BlockBuster and rent..ooh i forgot the title..anyway, it's a black action comedy, not bad...but i'm not recommend it to anyone either, hehe..


Went to eat at burger king and i had double cheeseburger, after that we went to wash the car, we went to two places since the vacuum in the first place didn't work quite good. After that we went to blockbuster to rent another movie... sweet november, keanu reeves ..! Last stop was snhucks, dendre bought a metro pass card...!. At 8 o clock, we went to eat dinner at Taco Bell and Pizza Hut (they are happen to be in the same place!), i had some beef supreme chalupas and dendre had some cheese pizza. After that..we just went home, i did some ironing...and bajaj called, he said he's gonna make me the card on wednesday for sure...i hope so!

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