August 28, 2001

I usually don't like monday, but today is okay..maybe because it still the second week of class and we don't have that much of assignment to do yet. But i do have 1 case for this week, one homework, one quiz and one test...that's quite a lot..!. Well, maybe because i'm enjoying school right now, i just want to do all my work, finish all my classes, graduate and go away from here, it's not like i don't like it here, carbondale is such a friendly environment actually but.. i just can't wait to see the world and the opportunity it offers.

So today i had 2 classes, it was marketing channels and the management class, i sat together with marilu and karen. marilu and i went to the student center after the class cause she wanted to buy a cigaratte but then once we got there, she just realized that she didn't bring her wallet with her, so she borrowed money from me. We had lunch together at the dining table in ambassador hall. Anyway, she was telling me about her new relationship with vincent..hehe..i mean that was fast because they just met each other for less than 2 weeks, oh well...what can i say, love conquers everything!..Anyway, i'm just curious how debbie reacted about this news..

h..i'm sneezing right now, don't tell me that i'm gonna catch a flu or something....!.

I think i read too many magazines, watch too much TV, you know in media...there are a lot of stories about guys cheating on his girlfriend with her sister or her roomates, her bestfriends, her personal trainer, his ex girlfriend, his friends and all that. My estimation is in every 10 americans there are maybe only 2 who remains faithfull to his/her loved ones...and that makes you think like are in this world that full of unfaithful people and you really have to be aware of your situations...!. It's just sad you know...and for me, loyalty is like my top priority in a relationship among all, i value faithfullnes soo much that i even dislike someone who i know is not remain faithful to his/her significant others.

There is this show in MTV called temptation island, there was a couple who wanted to test their relationship, MTV then put them away of each other and they bring a couple girls to the guy and bring a couple guys to the girl, just to see whether the couple tempted to flirt as the story goes, the girl passed the test, she didn't flirt around with any of the guys..but her boyfriend..oh my god, he was so tempted and he had a crush on one of the girls, they showed the video of them kissing by the window in his hotel room, and after that he just locked the door and CENSORED..that was the end of it, the end of the show..and the end of their relationship. How could you just blow out your relationship like that over some girls you don't even know..? I really hate that guy and that show makes me really sick when i first watched it, i even flipped to other channels if they played that shows over and over again, because i can't stand gives a hole in my heart...i don't know why..but it really makes me sad..

Maybe this is the way i was raised, i really look up to my mom in term of loyalty, patience, tenderhearted and all that...she is more than hundred percent loyal to my dad, maybe she is too loyal *well..there is no such thing as too loyal, is there?*..yea maybe there is if we are loyal to a wrong person..anyway..

last weekend... Dendre came here on friday night.. We ate kahala that night and we also went to barnes noble..and the next day, we went to target, mall, walmart, and ate kahala again for dinner with ben too, we stopped by at his place..! On Sunday, we went to snhucks , international grocery and just drove around with ben's vans..!. That's it..that was lovely..i really feel comfortable when he is here with me..:)..

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