August 21, 2001

it's mid night, first day of this semester has passed, i have two classes today, one is the promotional concept and it's in the agriculture's pretty far, i took an endless walk to get there, hehe..okay i'm exagerating. Anyway, we only spent 5 minutes in that class, the teacher..who happened to be chinese just giving out the syllabus and just explain some of the things about the course and he let us go. But my other class, which is management 318, the teacher explained the first chapter right away, can't he wait till next session?..

i went to see my advisor this afternoon, i was waiting for an hour in there, well..turned out that i still have 15 more credits to graduate, i thought i only have 9 or 10, well that's fine, i still can finish them up on spring semester, and hopefully there won't be any schedule conflict or anything or i'll be stuck in here for another semester. *no thanks*

so..i had the tuna subs for lunch from the wise guy, i used to like that a lot but i guess this one is not that good, maybe because i didn't put hot sauce on it and i didn't eat it with doritos...!. Kay came over here when i was chatting with nduti, linda and fuad..she needed to use the computer to check on her orders, she ordered a computer thru online from best buy.

Five minutes after Kay justify, somebody was knocking on my door again, and it was kay and On, hehe..kay told her that i have a really nice room and wanted to show it off to her, while in fact my room is still messy and all of the stuffs are not in the place where it belongs. Anyway, i just checked my hotmail e-mail, i was just curious about the layout because kay checked her hotmail email and the layout was totally different with mine. But when i checked mine, i found out they have new looks and everything and it looks nice, i almost wanted to use my hotmail again..hehe, but i have my klikmarketing email.

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